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One of our clients had a new GARAGA garage door installed at his home. Unfortunately, as his son was using the car, he made a driving mistake. When he took his car out of park, he accidentally put it in drive instead of reverse. When he called us, he was relieved to hear we could come right away to look at the damage and offer solutions.

Service Call

At Gerald Giel Garage Doors, we can repair all garage door issues… even if it’s from an accident. Our repairmen can silence a loud door, replace broken cables or fix a garage door opener that won’t work anymore. We don’t only service residential garage doors; we can work on any commercial, industrial or agricultural garage door. With many years of experience, our repairmen have gained the skill and knowledge to allow them to complete their work efficiently. They arrive at your home or business in one of our fully-stocked service trucks, which often allows them to solve your garage door issue in just one appointment. We pride ourselves in our high standards and excellent customer service.

At Gerald Giel Garage Doors, we offer:

  • Emergency repair services

    To best serve our customers, we offer emergency repair services. If your garage door is giving you problems, contact us and we’ll send a repairman as soon as possible. We can often provide same day service. We’ll get your garage door working again so you can focus on other matters.

  • Broken springs, rollers or cables

    If you see a broken garage door part, it should be fixed right away. Dealing with damaged springs, rollers and cables will prevent further damage to your door. It will also keep you safe. Our qualified repairmen can fix all brands of garage doors. Since our trucks are equipped with tools and replacement parts, we can complete your garage door repairs swiftly. To book an appointment, please call us or fill in our online form.

  • Loud and squeaking garage doors

    Our repairmen deal with this issue on a regular basis. A noisy garage door is often caused by worn cables, warped door tracks or damaged door panels. If your garage door is making loud noises, it may be time for a maintenance. Our team can travel anywhere in Pittsburgh and surrounding area to inspect, lubricate and fix your garage door.

  • Garage door openers

    At Gerald Giel Garage Doors, we also install and maintain garage door openers! Over time, your door openermay start to show signs of wear and tear. The photoelectric safety system may be obstructed or misaligned. The remote may need new batteries. At Gerald Giel Garage Doors, our repairmen can identify the problem quickly. We can find an efficient solution and carry out any needed repairs. We can service garage door openers anywhere in the Pittsburgh area. We strive to give you, our customers, timely service. Let us get your garage door opener working like new again!

If your garage door is in need of repairs, contact a qualified repairman to carry out the work. Repairing a garage door can be dangerous and isn’t a do-it-yourself job. To keep you and your family safe, contact Gerald Giel Garage Doors. Our qualified service team will take care of your garage door system needs. We will complete a full garage door inspection and recommend replacing any worn or broken parts. We will also lubricate the rollers, hinges and springs so your door will operate quietly. But you don’t have to wait until your door breaks! Our experts can complete a preventive maintenance program, which will keep your door working smoothly all year long.

Call Gerald Giel Garage Doors today at 724-287-1673. We will be happy to answer your questions, schedule a preventive maintenance program or send a repairman to fix any garage door issue in areas of Cranberry, Monroeville, North Hills, Penn Hills, Ross Township and Shaler Township.

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