Searching for traditional garage door ideas? We can assist!

Carriage house style

In many cases, people are directed that they should choose a garage door style that fits the look of the rest of the house. If you have a classic home, a traditional style is going to fit that aesthetic. Why is that? You could be renovating, improving protection and insulation, or trying to raise the home value – in any of these cases you are going to find a classic or traditionally styled garage door that brings everything together. Garage doors may have begun as a plain and boring feature, but times have changed. Companies are looking to offer you something new, something that fits in with the rest of your house’s style.

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Garage door safety tips for children

Families use garages to access their home, store items used by all family members, and park their cars. This means that everyone in the household should learn how to act in a safe manner around the garage door.
Teaching your children about garage door safety is imperative. Here are some tips for doing just that.
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Keep Your Garage Door in Great Working Shape

Most of the time, the garage door is working properly, and people simply take it for granted. They come home or get ready to leave for work, press a button, and presto, the garage door opens and closes as it should. However, you want to make sure that your garage door continues to work properly now and for years to come. The following tips help to make that a bit easier for you.
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Keeping Your Car Safe in Your Garage

Do you use your garage to both park your car and to store some of your seasonal items? If so, chances are good that things are getting a little tight inside. How can you ensure that you’re able to protect your belongings, but still keep your car protected when the temperature drops? Actually, there are several ways that you can help to prevent accidents in your garage.
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Clunk, squeak, creak: How to recognize the noises coming from your garage door & when to do something about it

Just like anything mechanical, your garage door might start making noises, and just like anything mechanical, you’re better off finding out what is causing the noise.
Luckily, not every noise emanating from a garage door is the sign of something more serious, but in order to keep you and your family safe, you need to know when to do something about it.
To help, we’ve written this post about how to recognize the sounds coming from your garage door, and what you should do in each case.
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Choosing between Driveway Surface Options: Which Is Best for You?

Your driveway says a great deal about the care and maintenance you put into your home, and that’s true whether you’re considering your material options from a “style” perspective, from an environmental impact perspective, or a more practical consideration about durability. There are plenty of options on the market, and each brings its own advantages and disadvantages to the table. You’ll need to know your options, what they can do for you, and what drawbacks you might encounter.
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